Admissions Representative, NashvilleSandy

“I sort of had a different background growing up. While my mom was pregnant with me, we traveled all around the states, and then I was finally born in Oregon. I spent a good portion of my life in shelters, churches and people’s homes. I honestly can’t remember a Christmas or holiday that wasn’t provided by somebody else. I think that’s where I get my desire to give back because I don’t think that I would have survived my childhood without other people helping my family.


I worked a lot of dead end jobs. A lot of food industry jobs. I found a job here, was hired and everything was great. I was here for six and a half years, left for a year and a half, and it just kept pulling me back in, and I just couldn’t not be here. I just wanted to get a different view and see what else was out there. That was eight years ago. I actually still have the voicemail saved from when she called to hire me. I’ve just really grown here. I started out at the front desk and then moved into a lot of different departments. I’ve worked in the business office, I’ve worked on the education team, and now I am here in Admissions helping to grow the school and get students in to change their lives.

I am a hybrid of an admissions representative, mainly working with students who have left school, who we want to come back and finish their journey here. I really like that piece because that ties into my feelings of finishing what you started. I help with our academic calculations and advising our students on how to better their GPA here and get to that graduation point. I also help plan events, and we work with the student ambassadors to help plan activities every month. We have graduations once a year, which I’m working on. I feel like I have my hand pretty much in every pot here, somehow and someway. I consider myself like that pinch-hitter, like, ‘Wherever you need me. Put me in coach!’

“I think that’s where I get my desire to give back because I don’t think that I would have survived my childhood without other people helping my family.”

I love this place. I love the students. I like the feeling of seeing the student come in who doesn't have confidence or doesn’t have that moral support that a lot of people do have and being that person who helps them achieve goals. One of the things I love working in education is when we have a student who comes in and they’re not making the best grades and helping them figure out the best plan to, you know, get their GPA back up to a good level. And watching them make these milestone moments in academics and becoming proud and confident in themselves knowing that they can do this. Those are the ones that mean a bit more. Just to be able to relate and understand where they’re coming from, it helps me to help them.

Looking in, students might think I have a nice job or benefits and all these things. They see me and they don’t see the story behind me, so it’s my job to educate them and remind them that there are people who were in their situation and who have gotten out.

I think we take it hard when when they don’t come out with the outcomes that we want for them, or that they want for themselves, because we invest so much of ourselves into those students. I deal with it by knowing that I gave my best for that student, and that’s all that we can do for every student — I can give my all and not vary from that for one student to the next. As long as I can do that, I can go home and feel good at the end of the day.

“I go home and I think about my students and try to think of the best ways to help them.”

Of course, we have students who come in and have no problems and have a wonderful time, and it’s great, and we’re happy for them, too. But I definitely get a lot of my joy from those dark moments that then turn good. Having a job like this gives me a sense of ownership versus the other jobs. Here, I go home and I think about my students and try to think of the best ways to help them or my staff and co-workers. I just feel like every one of us in this building is a part of our students’ success and journey, and that’s a really important feeling.

There’s a synergy that goes on here. We’re a family. We will always have their backs. As long as the student is communicating with us and letting us know as things come up. We are happy to help and get them through that, whatever is going on. The difference here is the heart.

We are students first here. Every decision we make is based off of, ‘Is this right for the student or not?’ At the end of the day, if we’re doing that, we’re going to be successful, and the student is going to be successful.

There’s a funny quote from the show The Office. Everyone is trying to go home early one day and Kathy Bates’ character was like, ‘That’s fine, if you can hang your name on this day, go home,’ and I always kind of thought about that. You know? If I can hang my name on this day, then I am happy. I did a good job.”

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“I endeavor to remind students that life will happen with or without your personal satisfaction. Do something worthwhile. Do something you love.”

Terra, Fort Worth Dean

“No matter what may ever happen to you in life, you can pull yourself out.”

Brittany, NashvilleStudent

“My parents are both immigrants. Being the first in my family to go to college has made my parents proud.”

Leonor, Vista Student

“If I can’t be in the Marine Corps anymore and protecting my country, I might as well be protecting people from something else — bad teeth!”

Audrey, Vista Student

“My motivation comes from seeing my students succeed.”

Pamela, HammondSenior Admissions Representative

“I am motivated by my students who are enrolled to make a better life for themselves and their families. It motivates me watching them overcome many life obstacles and cross that finish line and graduate. The strength of my students is amazing!”

Marianne, Fort Worth Staff Member

“I chose the Medical Assistant program because I love to help people move forward.”

Rosetta, Fort Worth Student

“I needed to do something hands-on and slightly behind the scenes. So I chose pharmacy technician. The job I am doing is a perfect fit for me.”

Bright, San Antonio - San Pedro Graduate

“The proudest moment of my life was when I had my first interview and they offered me the job. I am happy with the place, and I love my job!”

Mariana, Charlotte Graduate

“As a first-generation American, first-generation college graduate, and having been a young parent, I am motivated to help my students, many of whom share a similar life experience.”

Alex, Chula Vista Campus President

“My children are my world, and I want them to see their mom as a successful person.”

Guadalupe, Modesto Student

“Students motivate me every day. A chance to speak to them and show them that they do have a chance is extremely rewarding to me.”

Elizabeth, Fort WorthStudent Finance Support Specialist

“I have always been in love with the dental field.”

Tyshawna, Indianapolis Student

“I proved to myself that obstacles do come your way, but when you have your mind set on what you want you will achieve it. I’m now a dental assistant!”

Paula, Corpus Christi Graduate

“I chose the medical field because I want to be able to help people. You have to have a good heart and a lot of patience to work in this field.”

Monica, CharlotteStudent

“My proudest moment was the first day I walked into class and found my place in life.”

Catherine, Fort Worth Student

“I always wanted to go back to school but it seemed impossible working full-time and taking care of four children. My kids are the reason I chose this field. They have a lot of problems with their teeth, and after so many treatments, I found out this career is very interesting.”

Mirla, Indianapolis Student

“Having three small children hasn't always been easy, but striving to make sure they are secure is what drives me.”

Audreyona, IndianapolisStudent

“I help students take the leap every day. The difference is that I refuse to let them fall. I believe in their success!”

Latanya, CharlotteAdmissions Representative

“I was afraid because I have been out of school for a very long time and was doubting myself, but I knew I needed to go back to school.”

Kimberly, Indianapolis Student

“You have to believe in yourself and believe that you are worth it every step of the way.”

Stephanie, Fort WorthInstructor

“I get to help students take that next step and push themselves to be more than they thought they could.”

Joe, El Paso Career Development Specialist

“Technology has always interested me, as well as taking things apart and putting them back together.”

Cory, El Paso Instructor

“I realized that college parties, the traditional classroom setting, and being far from home was not for me. I knew I wanted to continue with a career path that would help people and benefit society.”

Natalie, Indianapolis Student

“I know what it’s like to lose everything then work hard to make a good life for myself and my children. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. It’s not who you are, it’s who you can become.”

Melody Ann, Hammond Student Finance Supervisor

“I enjoy watching students evolve and become responsible, hard-working individuals.”

Kendra, Fort WorthStudent Finance Support Specialist

“I loved my careeer in healthcare. Now I love passing on the knowledge and real-world experiences to my students.”

Margie, Fort Worth Instructor

“No matter what difficulties you face in life there is always hope. Tomorrow is another day with new opportunities. Love life, love people, love yourself. You are worth it.”

Amber, Modesto Student

“How can I make a difference today? That’s my daily question. Coming from circumstances that shaped me into who I am today, I want to give back in a way most of us truly need.”

Kimberly, Fort WorthCareer Development Specialist

“I have worked in Career Development for over five years and still have the same passion for helping our students as I did on day one. Improving the outlook of someone's life motivates me.”

Athenai, Fort Worth Staff Member

“No matter how hard my circumstances were, I never gave up.”

Taviona, Riverside Graduate

“Always follow your dreams even if it seems as if you could never accomplish them. Nothing is impossible!”

Gisselle, Las Vegas Student

“I make it my mission to create a campus culture of family and a sense of belonging. We know our students' names, we know their stories, we know what makes them smile. We listen to our students, and we recognize them for changing their life and making it happen!”

Shaheen, Fort Worth Staff Member

“My children motivate me. Their father died when they were 7 and 11. Now I must provide a life for them on my own.”

Rachel, Dayton Graduate

“I came to the United States searching for a future with my husband and two little boys. I wasn't sure how I was going to speak another language or where to start seaching for a job. I learned the language and got more confident about myself, but I felt like I was incomplete. I needed a career.”

Leslie, Laredo Graduate

“It has taken me three tries and three different schools to find a place that I enjoy and a career field I love.”

Anna, Friendswood Student

“My kids and my grandkids motivate me. I want them to be able to know, no matter your age or situation, never give up on your dreams.”

Yvonne, Dayton Student

“My daughter motivates me every single day. I want the best future for her. I want to show her anything is possible and to go after your goals.”

Jazmine, Fort Worth Student