Program Director, San Antonio - San PedroPeggy

“I graduated from here as a dental assistant and worked out in the field at a private practice for about four years, and went on to work at the UT Health Center at the dental school. I was there for 11 years, went back to school, and decided that I wanted to teach dental assisting. I’ve been teaching for around 20 years, and I’ve been the Dental Assistant program chair for about 10. So I’ve been with the company about 25 years!


Now that I’m a program chair, I still teach every now and then, and I help manage the dental clinic that we have. It’s a great program because during their last module, students actually get into the clinic and work with the doctors before their externships. So they get firsthand experience and work through all the jitters before they actually do their externships. And actually, right now, we are the only school that offers a dental clinic in our live program.

I love working with the students. I love seeing them successful. It’s my passion. And it’s so great to see them start and finish and get hired. Every day, as many days as I’ve been here, I don’t regret walking through those doors. I love what I do. I love walking in and meeting students and greeting them, working with them one-on-one, helping them work through those obstacles that they sometimes face.

“Success is being able to accomplish your dreams and your goals, and striving for that goal.”

Sometimes they just can’t see outside the box, and we just need to be there to help them with that. I have many students that stand out, but one in particular was a young lady who was pregnant. She had two children, was a single mom, working two jobs while coming to school, and she had lost her transportation. Every day she’d come into my office and cry and say that she couldn’t do this anymore. I would just remind her, ‘Yes you can. Here are some other resources. This is just a stumbling block, you’re going to get through this.’ And, sure enough, she walked the stage. I still get emotional when I see her. Especially when I saw her walk the stage. She was so excited.

We just tell them we’re accountable to them every day. We’re not like traditional colleges where if you come to class, great, and if you don’t, oh, well. We care about you, we want to make sure that you’re successful. We want to see you out there. We want to see you get that job. And when you’ve done that, then we feel like we’ve done our job.

And we tell them from the very beginning, we’re going to call you if you don’t call us and let us know that you’re not going to be here, because we’re accountable to each one of you. We want to see you be successful. You’re investing your time, your money. We want to make sure you can get out of here, get a job, and you’re successful, and you have all of the tools to get through this.

The toughest part of my job is when you have students that just can’t see the end result. And they’re just stuck in that area, where they just can’t see it, and nothing you say or do is going to make them see that. It’s difficult, and it’s challenging, but it’s sad. Because you know that at some point, they are going to say, ‘I should have finished. I should have done this.’

Sometimes you have those students that, three to four years down the line, they come back.

I am proud of the success of our program and the team that we’ve grown together. Most of my instructors have been here for 15 years plus. We have a great team and, I think, just seeing the success of our program, and seeing how it has grown and developed throughout the years, is really, really rewarding.

“I tell my students that I am a living testimony of what you can do with your success as a dental assistant.”

My family is really proud of me and the accomplishments I’ve made throughout my career. They were like, ‘Wow, Mom. I didn’t know that at a small vocational school could grow so much, that you could touch so many lives.’ So they’ve really supported me, and they’re there for me. My older daughter came here, also. She came through the Dental Assistant program.

Success is being able to accomplish your dreams and your goals, and striving for that goal. At the end, knowing there is a bright future or outcome. If you continue to pursue that goal and that dream, you will be successful. And Brightwood has given that to many students. It has done that for me. I tell my students that I am a living testimony of what you can do with your success as a dental assistant. And there are so many avenues that you haven’t experienced, yet. Dental assisting is here to stay. For the next 10 years, it is one of the biggest career opportunities that is going to continue to grow. And San Antonio is huge. In two weeks, I received 12 calls from different doctors looking for dental assistants. So the jobs are out there. It’s just what you want to do with it — the sky’s the limit. You just have to start. That’s the hardest part. But once they get here, and they get into the classroom and they start to talk to the instructor, and they start to feel comfortable, it makes it much easier for them.

I once had a student say, ‘I’ve never had anyone give me a high-five or tell me I’m doing good.’ It’s heartbreaking. I had one student tell me one time, ‘Thank you for giving me a hug. I haven’t had a hug for three years since my mom died.’ Those are the things that we see that our students need. That’s why I love my job.”

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"I chose the medical field because I want to be able to help people. You have to have a good heart and a lot of patience to work in this field."

Monica, CharlotteStudent

"You have to believe in yourself and believe that you are worth it every step of the way."

Stephanie, Fort WorthInstructor

“It has taken me three tries and three different schools to find a place that I enjoy and a career field I love.”

Anna, Friendswood Student

“I needed to do something hands-on and slightly behind the scenes. So I chose pharmacy technician. The job I am doing is a perfect fit for me.”

Bright, San Antonio - San Pedro Graduate

"I enjoy watching students evolve and become responsible, hard-working individuals."

Kendra, Fort WorthStudent Finance Support Specialist

“Always follow your dreams even if it seems as if you could never accomplish them. Nothing is impossible!”

Gisselle, Las Vegas Student

“Technology has always interested me, as well as taking things apart and putting them back together.”

Cory, El Paso Instructor

“As a first-generation American, first-generation college graduate, and having been a young parent, I am motivated to help my students, many of whom share a similar life experience.”

Alex, Chula Vista Campus President

"How can I make a difference today? That’s my daily question. Coming from circumstances that shaped me into who I am today, I want to give back in a way most of us truly need.

Kimberly, Fort WorthCareer Development Specialist

"No matter what may ever happen to you in life, you can pull yourself out."

Brittany, NashvilleStudent

“No matter how hard my circumstances were, I never gave up.”

Taviona, Riverside Graduate

"Having three small children hasn't always been easy, but striving to make sure they are secure is what drives me."

Audreyona, IndianapolisStudent

"Students motivate me every day. A chance to speak to them and show them that they do have a chance is extremely rewarding to me."

Elizabeth, Fort WorthStudent Finance Support Specialist

"My motivation comes from seeing my students succeed."

Pamela, HammondSenior Admissions Representative

“My parents are both immigrants. Being the first in my family to go to college has made my parents proud.”

Leonor, Vista Student

“My children are my world, and I want them to see their mom as a successful person.”

Guadalupe, Modesto Student

“If I can’t be in the Marine Corps anymore and protecting my country, I might as well be protecting people from something else — bad teeth!”

Audrey, Vista Student

“I proved to myself that obstacles do come your way, but when you have your mind set on what you want you will achieve it. I’m now a dental assistant!”

Paula, Corpus Christi Graduate

"I help students take the leap every day. The difference is that I refuse to let them fall. I believe in their success!"

Latanya, CharlotteAdmissions Representative

“I get to help students take that next step and push themselves to be more than they thought they could.”

Joe, El Paso Career Development Specialist

“The proudest moment of my life was when I had my first interview and they offered me the job. I am happy with the place, and I love my job!”

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